Feeding Guinness World Record Holder Jarryd Rubinstein

I am lucky enough to have a partner who is not only a big support in my life but also an inspiration. My man, Jarryd Rubinstein, has held the Guinness World Record for the Most Consecutive Muscle Ups since 2010 – 25 muscle ups to be exact! If you have ever tried to even do 1 muscle up you will know the amount of strength, shear determination and precise form needed to reach numbers like that.


Being ready to knock out 25 muscle ups means being committed to a healthy lifestyle. I ensure every meal that comes out of our kitchen is healthy, clean, organic and tasty. Here is a glimpse of a day feeding a Guinness World Record Holder.


Guinness World Record for the Most Consecutive Muscle Ups

Bondi Beach Outdoor Gym





Breakfast: Superfood muesli 

IMG_1344After a 75 minute calisthenics workout Jarryd refuels on gluten-free rolled oats, chia seed, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, coconut, mixed seeds, mixed raw nuts, goji berries, cinnamon and cocao powder with sugar-free almond milk/coconut milk. You can add banana and blueberries too. This energy packed post-workout breakfast has a great balance of complex carbs, good fats, plant-based protein and it is fully vegan!

Check out my muesli recipe for a quick and easy nutrient packed breakfast.



Mid-morning snack: Matcha latte


Matcha has a ton of health benefits and is a far more effective energy booster than coffee. Matcha releases energy slowly and consistently over a longer period of time, so Jarryd can feel energised, calm and focussed for longer.

Our top London spots for a Matcha Latte in London are Amanzi Tea, The Mae Deli and The Detox Kitchen.





Lunch: Salad packed with a punch


Yes, strong men eat salad too! It’s what goes in the salad that packs the punch. Tofu, edamame beans and hummus are standard features, with pumpkin and avocado making an appearance too. Jarryd’s salad has lots of protein, some good fats, a little complex carbs, and plenty vitamins and minerals. But, he keeps it light at the same time to conserve energy for work as opposed to digestion.





Afternoon snack: Raw vegan health snack 

MMM 1.3

Raw vegan snacks include date balls, protein/energy bars and nuts.

Jarryd really enjoys my date balls which super easy to make and handy for an afternoon pick me up. We also love Nakd Bars too.


Dinner: Vegan dish of the day


I love experimenting in the kitchen, and Jarryd gets to be my recipe guinea pig. Baked aubergine and vegetable based pastas with raw/steamed greens are standard dinners in our home.

This picture is chickpea pasta with Napolitana sauce, olives and tofu.






Dinner is usually followed with dairy-free sugar-free vegan ice-cream because who doesn’t love a bit of guilt-free dessert!

Our favourite picks are Frill, Booja-Booja or my homemade banana-nice-cream (recipe to come soon).






Having a clean, healthy diet is easier when you have a healthy home. Jarryd and I share a passion for all things health, wellness and fitness related. But that does not mean you have to be a Guinness World Record Holder to have this healthy lifestyle too. My recipes are easy to follow, vegan-friendly, and packed with flavour – anyone can enjoy them. Calisthenics is a form of exercise that anyone can adopt – no equipment needed, just pure body weight. Follow Jarryd and Lynzi to learn more about adopting this lifestyle.


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