Born and raised in South Africa, Lynzi completed her Diploma in Nutrition and started sharing her knowledge as a Nutritional Advisor. She moved from Johannesburg to London where she got her Personal Training Diploma and specialised in pre & post natal exercise as well as exercise referral exercise. Lynzi then moved to Dubai and now she brings her universal skills in health, nutrition and fitness, as well as her worldly experiences, to the United Arab Emirates.

Her passions and lifestyle has allowed her to take a natural, holistic approach with her clients. Whether you are vegan, meat-loving, gluten-free or somewhere in between, your health goals are easier to achieve than you think. If you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or merely maintain a balanced life, Lynzi will help you gain the skills you need to nourish your body from the inside out.

Moreover, Lynzi is a certified Personal Trainer specialising in both pre & post natal exercise as well as medical referral exercise.  She believes that with the right knowledge and tools, one can easily live a fit, healthy lifestyle for the long run. By staying active, listening to your body and eating clean wholesome foods you will ultimately find the right path for you.

Lynzi’s mission is to make healthy eating easy, enjoyable and adaptable for her clients by using customised eating plans, building positive food habits and teaching intuitive lifestyle techniques. She wants fitness fitness to be fun, functional and long-lasting. Start leading a healthier and happier lifestyle with Lynzi.