Vegan’s Guide to Indulging in Italy

There is nothing quite like the culinary experience in Italy – everything is fresh, flavourful and plentiful! Although indulgence is a must – the pizza, pasta and gelato is worth every bite – eventually a lighter, more nourishing meal is needed. I managed to find some healthy vegan gems in Rome and Venice, all highly recommended.



A modern city built on ancient ruins – walking through Rome feels like a walk through time. There is a great energy in this buzzing city. The food is simply outstanding, the pizza and pasta I had in Rome will likely never be topped. The healthy vegan scene is not too bad either! Here are my top picks, dessert first of course.

Grezzo – raw vegan gelato and treats 

Everything in this amazing shop is raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and DELICIOUS! From gelato to chocolates to pudding it’s hard to only choose one treat, which is why we tried them all! Go for the pistachio gelato, chilli truffle or orange chocolate bite and you can’t go wrong. You can also take some treats home if the decision is just too hard! Below is a glimpse of their array of raw vegan healthy treats.


Aromaticus – healthy vegan food

This earthy vegan cafe is ideally located next to Grezzo. The menu is simple but offers yummy, light, healthy and vegan dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied. It has an open casual atmosphere and service is friendly and quick. Stay for a healthy vegan treat or pop next door for some raw vegan gelato. Below is a quinoa and butternut stack with soft tofu and fresh hummus – so good!




This city on water is truly picturesque! It is packed with tourists, restaurants and shops but I’ll be honest, not the best place for authentic Italian food. There are some hidden healthy and vegan spots dotted amongst the never-ending over-priced sudo-Italian restaurants though, and they won’t let you down!

Suso – vegan gelato

Suso is in the heart of the cities craziness. The mountains of gelato will draw you in, and although they only have 2 or 3 vegan flavours they will not disappoint. The flavours below are dark chocolate and cherry, both scrumptiously decadent choices.


Bella & Brava – organic vegan pizza

The restaurant’s modern layout stands out amongst the generic pizzerias around it. All of their ingredients are organic and they have 3 vegan pizzas on the menu. The creamy tofu and fresh vegetable pizza’s shown below are great to enjoy alongside the water watching the gondola’s go by.


Purem – juice bar

Refreshing juices and smoothies, simple and good for you. Great for an on-the-go pick me up. I had banana, coffee, dates and coconut milk.



Italy has a lot to offer, food being a big feature. Although I had limited time to explore the health and vegan scene, the places I visited went beyond expectation. Buon appetito!

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